Podcasts Wot I Listen To

Here are the podcasts that I listen to regularly.

  • .Net Rocks!
    • One of the first podcasts I picked up, also one of the most professionally done podcasts. Very much .Net-centric but occasionally has awesome geek-out shows about alternative energy, electric cars and stuff like that.
  • Hanselminutes
    • Scott has to be one of the nicest guys on the Internet. His podcast is quite good as well. The episodes are short and well done and despite Scott working for Microsoft, it's not a Microsoft-centric podcast.
  • Herding Code
    • The production values aren't the best but the good mix of regulars makes up for it. Leans towards .Net but not always.
  • Javascript Jabber
    • I like doing front-end work so I find this podcast a great way to keep informed about Javascript. I really like the format and it's fun to hear from fellow Utahns.
  • Adventures In Angular
    • A lot like Javascript Jabber (with some of the same people), but focused on Angular. The shorter format makes it worth listening to even if you're listening to Javascript Jabber.
  • Ratchet And The Geek
    • Mostly following because I like tech and I know Scott Hanselman will make sure the production values are good. Very interesting if you're into pop culture and social media.
  • Ruby Rogues
    • Although I mostly do .Net work, I like the Ruby community and this podcast doesn't disappoint. The format is great and the regulars are really smart guys (hilarious too). Worth listening to no matter what your primary language is. Highly recommend.
  • This American Life
    • This podcast has nothing to do with software development but I've enjoyed nearly every show. The subjects covered are so broad that I'm not going to attempt to describe it. Anyone can listen to this and enjoy it, highly recommend.
  • Freakonomics Radio
    • Similar format to This American Life which I think is great. Talks about subjects in an economist's perspective. Haven't experienced a miss here, always entertaining.
  • This Developer's Life
    • Podcast that hits on more of the "soft" areas of software development done in the style of This American Life. Haven't seen a new one for a long time but the archives are still relevant today.
  • Get up and CODE!
    • Interesting podcast with good advice on fitness in the context for software developers. Great if you're looking to get fit.
  • Sexy Marriage Radio
    • Great podcast on "how to marriage". This podcast has made me rethink how I approach my marriage and how to level it up. The hosts put a Christian spin on things in case that helps or puts you off. And yes, they occasionally talk about sex.
  • The Freelancers' Show
    • Part of the same family with Ruby Rogues & JavaScript Jabber but more about how to freelance. Interesting to listen to whether you freelance or not as they talk about freelancing in the context of software development practices and issues.
  • This Is Your Life
    • Motivational podcast with some Christian overtones. The focus is more for management types but is applicable for anyone trying to better themselves professionally as well as personally. One warning is the theme song stays with you all day for better or for worse.
  • The Art of Manliness
    • Was already a fan of the website so when I found that they had a podcast as well, I had to subscribe. Lots of thought-provoking subjects on how to be a better man or why men are the way they are.
Last updated: 5/13/2015


  1. New one I found a month or two ago is Sawbones. They go through crazy outdated medical practices. It's pretty good.

    1. Interesting. Seems like it's in the same vein as Stuff You Should Know but not as broad. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I recommend Good Job Brain, a pub trivia and quiz podcast.


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